Testimonial - I Get IT

John Manzanet ,
Yolee Solutions
Okay, so I had no idea what Bartering was all about until I meet Gene Townley. Gene introduced me to ITEX... This Barter exchange and for the life of me, I still had no idea what this was all about.. But he knew that I had a service that others would want, and that me as a business man and a home owner,could utilize so many of the services that were in his network. STILL DIDN'T GET IT... Until I needed a airconditioner for one of my rentals.... I was short on Cash, but had some Itex dollars... So I called Gene.. And of course, he had a AC guy in Atlanta that was able to assist me in getting a new AC for one of my rentals that same day. Without using any cash out of pocket.. From then on, I was a believer.. My tentant was happy, and that wasn't easy.. So here you go Gene Townley. Thank you Gene Towlney, ITEX and the whole ITEX community!